Baghdad's Mistress
One of the main Iraqi male hypocrites who was attacking me constantly under different nicknames on this blog and on the IraqBlogCount for the type of the job I do, would be rather stunned that the new rulers are soon legalizing "Mistress"ing jobs in Iraq.

Another American loser thinks that I have nothing to do apart from spamming military blogs, like I have nothing else to do. Dummy have you ever heard of an intellect mistress ?! No ?! Now you do. So what you call Monica Lwiniski ?!
I am not very happy at the way the mentioned Iraqi blogger is attacking me just because of who I am, which by now you should know that it wasn't my first choice of life.

This follow citizen says on his profile:

My name is Zeyad. I was born from Sunni Muslim parents in Baghdad, Iraq
1979. Shortly after which my parents left for the UK to pursue their Masters
studies. I was raised in Colchester, Essex and also lived in both London and
Bournemouth. We all returned to Iraq in 1987.

All Iraqis know that if you weren't on The Baa3th Party's membership list you would have never being sent away for education.
Master/Phd scholarship were always given to those who signed for the Baa3th and praised their leader.
This British Baa3th stooge has gone wild when he saw my blog. I wasn't in the mood to expose him but now I do.
My dad (God bless his soul) was a master in the English language and wrote several books on the English literature and especially on Shakespearean plays and translated many of them into Arabic. When he asked the government to publish his book, he was told to sign his name on the Baa3th membership list. He refused to do so and his books stayed as ink on paper until they were lost during the looting.
Maybe my beloved citizen who pretends to be a democrat should tell us how his parents were sent away to Europe to study a masters course.
Perhaps I should have ignored him and his childish comments. Because as he says on his profile, "My hobbies include reading, PC and console gaming, watching movies, and most recently blogging!" needs several more years to understand that life is not the same as the console games that he plays.
I was out of town for 10 days. I am now back in Baghdad. It seems that the musicians have stepped up their rhythms. Explosion after explosion makes you incapable of predicting your safety in one hour.
Who would gamble on my safety in 24 hours ?! Iraqis are not safer after the illegal occupation. The chances of an Iraqi dying from a bomb is very high.
I went to another Iraqi city to visit one of my friends. We discussed many things among them relocation to a safer place. The candidate places are the North, Jordan, or Syria. But so far I am undecided as I will not leave my city for the invaders and their puppets.
Back to my journey to the past.
"How I ended up as a Mistress"
Remember the emotional day with J ?! J was my mistress friend. Remember my boss's son ?! And me working in the restaurant ?! If not read my previous post.

J - Honey you don't have to quit university. You are an intelligent girl don't do that. I have a plan for you.
- **sigh**
J- Honey, you are not virgin anymore I don't know what you worry about. Just think of it as you were with a lover. You are a grown up woman now and no one would know.
- (At this point all these thoughts were coming up to my mind). J listen I know you say that because you know what you are doing. But I can not do that. What about people ?!
J- You are not doing it infront of people. You go to hotels. I am not a cheap mistress. You are an educated girl I will not let you work in streets.
- (This made me think again. If I can "work" once a month, I can pay for all my needs, and it is in hotels, well no one would know). Tell me more. I don't know.
J- Listen I am working once a week. You can work once a month or whenever you need it. The money is really good and the sex is sometimes good (and she laughed). (At this point, the fish arrived and we started eating and joking. )

J decided to take me to her boss's house. I thought this house would look like a "whore-house". This is because from the Egyptian movies the image was more like this :
A house with doomed lights and half naked women in the arms of drunk men and loud music with the smokes of Nergila pipes everywhere.

Well I was quite wrong. We arrived at the house and J paid the taxi. It was just an ordinary house. J rang the bell, and a lady in her 50s came to the door. She kissed J on the cheeks and welcomed me.
I thought that she might be a worker or something. We went upstairs to the kitchen (In some Iraqi houses the kitchen is in the entrance of the house).
J introduced the woman as (Khala) or (Auntie).
Khala - Hello J who is this gorgeous lady with you. Don't tell me she is your cousin.
J - Oh no Khala. She is a very close friend of mine. She is a university student and she speaks some English.
- (I was very embarrased because I still didn't know what this woman was. There was no sign of anything in the house. Just a normal ordinary house. So I was very nervous. I couldn't speak properly). Yeah yeah some English. My dad helped me a lot. (And smiled).
Khala - Oh I speak English too. I was an English teacher (She and J started to laugh).
J - Yeah tell her the English riddle ( I see the C in the sea) do you know what is that ?!
- Yeah Yeah that is an easy one. See , C , Sea. My dad taught me that.
J- So Khala, my friend is here to get a job. You can talk to her but this is her first time.
Khala - Oh no is this your first time ? What do you do in life ?!
- I am a university student.
Khala - Oh no go home. Go home right now. I will not let you ruin your life.
J- Khala you misunderstood. She is divorced. Bastard men.
Khala - Oh I see.... (Then at this point J whispered something into Khala's ears)
Khala- Oh I am so sorry darling. I didn't mean to be rude. I thought you are a runaway girl from your parents. Please accept my apologies.
- Don't worry Khala. ( I was very distressed. I didn't know what to say. I know realised that this woman was the boss. She was not a half naked woman. She just looked like my mom in her dress sense. And she speaks English and has a degree in English language. What is going on I said in my head).
J- Khala she might want to work once a month.
Khala - OK darling J will tell you about the payment later. I will send you to one of the clients in Babylon Hotel this Friday. See if you like the job or not. I don't have to teach you how you do it I hope your husband had taught you. (She and J started laughing loudly).
- My face went red and I just smiled for a second.

We drank tea and we left after an hour. J got some cash wrapped up in an Al-Jumhuriya newspaper.
J later called me and said that Friday, 3 p.m. Babylon Hotel is my frist assignment.
This is when I became nervous, but the good thing was Babylon Hotel. A 4 stars hotel.

to be continued > My first time to work as a mistress, and to be in a hotel.

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