Baghdad's Mistress
Woke up and did some house works. Prepared lunch and when boredom started, I moved to the computer which usually needs half an hour to get ready to work.

I checked my emails, and said let me see if anyone, just anyone, has read my thoughts. I was surprised that I have attracted some people. Mohammad thank you for your comment I usually read your blog. But I get confused by names. Sometimes it says Mohammad, then posted by Omar.
Iraqi wife thank you for your comments as well. Honey I did not mean that I support Saddam. The sounds of the massgraves were so high they were hearing it in Washington and London. The question is not why I did not hear these sounds, you should ask them why they didn't hear them. Because they are the ones who could have stopped him [Saddam] not me honey.

Moving on, to the comments, it is not surprising that most of the negative comments are coming from the Yankees themselves. They are supposed to live in a liberty promised state. What happened to old liberties Yankees ? Or America does not have any liberties ?

From two years of studying and analyzing of Yankees people, what I realized is that Yankees are a group of conservative religious crusaders desguised under the name of liberals. They can be as religious as they want, that is totally fine. Totally liberal, totally accepted. If you attack another country under the name of "Crusade" as Bush did in 2003, that is totally fine, totally liberal, totally accepted. But if a Muslim practices his religion, that that person is a terrorist.

Very true beautiful colors.

Anyways moving on to more about this blog, the idea is not to get clients, being a mistress was part of my life and I like to talk about it. The idea of blogger gave me the chance to stay anonymous and staying safe, I hope.
The idea is to get the stories out that are covering my heart like a dark cloud.

And if you are just wondering, I am not an old woman, I am a university graduate with top grades and in my mid twenties.
I was not stopping by for cars to pick me up, I was more the private kind, the ones you have to have an appointment.
I was not a Baathiest. Let's just say, had a not very happy marriage, divorced, parents died, and thanks to the Yankees embargo on Iraqis, it was a bit hard to make ends meet.
"But I get confused by names. Sometimes it says Mohammad, then posted by Omar."

There are two people behind it - Omar is the guy who set up the account, then let his brother post using the same account. (Their cousin Ali used to post there as well, until he got his own blog.) Because it's a shared username, they try to remember to put their real name at the end to keep it clear.

Talking of which, "Yankees" isn't a good choice of word if you're talking about Americans - and it wasn't a "Yankee embargo", but a UN one, although it was supported by America (and many other countries). It probably wouldn't have been anything like as tough on people like you had Mr Annan and Saddam's family not been pocketing a big wedge of the money Iraq earned, either...
please ignore the stupid americans welcome on board
We Stupid Americans say Welcome to Our Internet, Computers, Roads, TV, Cars, Refrigeration, Technology, Medicine, Military, and Educational System. Everything that makes your modern existence more liveable.

But seriously, is this Khalid Jarrar during that special time of the month, when his parents give him his allowance?

Okay, no more joking, how about being slightly less antagonist and more revealing about your life as a courtesan.
Hmmm, another I am not Saddam's supporter; but things were GREAT when Saddam was in power! There were life, music and sex back then! Okay, some leftists might believe it, but not the majority, "honey"!

So, where a private high class ga7ba? Interesting! And you slept with who? Saddam? his clan? his bodyguards? Yet you were not a supporter! Very nice. Good on you.

If Saddam had any intellegence, he would not have invaded Kuwait, and there wouldn't be a UN embargo. But he is just plain stupid, is he?

Will you people stop blaming the US for problems and miseries created by Saddam and other Oppressive regimes? WAKE UP PEOPLE, AND POINT YOU FIGURE ON YOUR OWN.

I am an Iraqi and don't hesitate to blame myself or some of my people.
One more thing , iraqi skank

Most of the people making fun of you, and attacking you are actual iraqi's like myself and not Yankees
seriously can you please stop this nonesense...I mean who is going to believe the words of a former-Saddam-regime-slut? NO ONE!!!

I say we all let this site go out of business by declaring an embargo against it:)
oh wait, I can't really support something like that, because I am an IRAQI who supports freedom of speech for all even crooks like you!

by the way, I'm a fellow Iraqi blogger but posting under anonymous because I really don't want trash like you visiting my site.
Please ignore the critics and continue to tell your story. I was refered to your blog from and I think that you have a great talent in writing. Please do tell us your stories.

One of the mistresses called "diary of a london call girl" is now published her blog into a book and she is doing pretty well. She has attracted many readers.
Ignore all the negative comments and continue writing.

A James
IM, I aint gonna crtisize, cuz it aint my nature to force people my opinion upon people. I kinda like your blog, doesnt mean I agree with You.

There are prostitutes in Iraq. This is a fact, I heard it from many people. Its just like any other place. Im not tainting Iraqi women, but Im sorry to say that there really are.

Many situations force you to do things you dont wanna do. Im just sad that you had to resort to that IM.
or more accurately, begin to tell your story. In two posts, we have learned that you did some laundry.

I think it is ironic that your first post blasts Americans for stereotyping Iraqi women, then your second post has a broad stereotype of Americans as religious zealots.

And since you brought up your age, let me respond that different women hit the wall at different times. And the ones in your line of work tend to do it sooner than average. So perhaps in your mid-20's, you are not as bankable as you were in your early-20's. Blame Father Time, not Uncle Sam.
As I said, this should be entertaining. I, for one, make no assumption that you yourself are a Baathist; it's just obvious you made your living off of them. And I myself would never assume you weren't attractive; your profession demands it.

Living just a mile from one of the mosques in my town, I want you to realize something; American DO allow Muslims to practice their faith. Just not when it involves intentional killing of innocent civilans in mass. When we have the resources and the specific cause, we do tend to put a stop to that.

Of course, you'll disagree, but at least your former customers are- for the most part- out of the mass-grave-filling business.

And I do, indeed, welcome you to the blogosphere, no sarcasm intended; your opinions and writings will at least be fairly unique.
I think she is out of business because of fear to her life from the Islamic fundamintals who came to Iraq by/with the Americans after 4/09/2003.
Thing is , Ms.Iraqi Mistress , being a whore you're views will always be thought of as sub-standard...
And any chance of people liking you for the right reasons was further dashed away when you gave off that whole dreamy image of baghdad before its liberation on the 9th of april.
Just because Sadam prefered your fanjita, and the recent ones arent really that impressed with your "assets". Doesnt mean you should blame americans for the recent change in taste. Just blame youreself

and one more thing , i doubt youre a university graduate , coz youre a whore , and a whore isnt the type that would study...especially in iraq
Could someone please call the Internet's Garbage Collectors to get rid of this piece of trash?
please do ignore the idiots and continute to tell us your story..I make sure I visit your blog daily...

these are kids who do not understand how life works..

yours truly,
A proud American woman in LA
Now this is a blog! Ignore all the trolls, Miss Oldest Profession, not everybody looks down on that. Don't stop blogging. I don't understand why you can't find work though
Iraqi whore are you ? LMAO

I will spread the word at my work tomorrow LOL
First of all, I am a "stupid" American, but I take a global take on things. To Mr. Ghost, let me tell you this: If Iraqis hadn't mastered the language of mathematics, we wouldn't have the technology, computers, internet, medicine, and educational system we have. To those who think all Americans are "stupid Yankees" you can kiss my ass too. First of all, I'm Texan, nothing close to a Yankee. Next, I know that you will not be happy with ANY life, much less a life made free through our involvement. You despise that which we have: happiness, freedom to hate each other, religious choice, and opportunity to progress from mud walls to multi-story homes. We should all use a little restraint in labelling each other.

Mistress, I enjoy your blog, even if I don't agree with your points of view.
When has a Muslim country attacked another country under the name "Crusade"? It was in 2000 when Iraq invaded Kuwait. What is going on under the umbrella of terrorism isn't Muslims governments, but Muslims themselves. Muslims are as much religious crusaders as Christians are. They both have their extremists. Christians just choose to bomb abortion clinics, while Muslims choose to bomb themselves.

It's The Whore Of Babylon, Well Maybe Not

"And I sense just below the surface with her, a great reservoir of sadness ready
to cascade forwards, and I for one would like to see it happen."

There's a Brassy and Sassy New Blogger on the Iraqi Scene named
Baghdad Mistress with a fondness for referring to Americans as "Yankees" (Has she confused Mexico with Iraq?), and blaming Bush's "Crusade" for the loss of her employment.

And what exactly was her last preferred occupation?

Mistress to the Baathists.

Yup, she was a Whore for the Saddamite Elite.

But does that make her a truly bad person? Or someone just trying to survive the best way
they can in a very dysfunctional society?

I can't answer that as yet, and neither can you, because she hasn't revealed enough about her past life, though we've learned
she's in her Twenties with a University Education and both her parents and marriage have died.

And I sense just below the surface with her, a great reservoir of sadness ready to
cascade forward, and I for one would like to see it happen. A cathartic experience for her,
and us perhaps.


Please ignore all those stupid people who don't know what they are talking about. They haven't had a much sex as you have!

More importantly they haven't been fucked by Saddam like you had. You screamed joy when Saddam fucked you and they screamed HELP when Saddam fucked them.

YET, the leftists still argue that everybody screamed joy.

Leftists, when will you ever realise the truth or at least have the decency to admit it? Probably never!
I'm an American and I'm not stoopid ;)
Well, I'm a dumb American and I am interested in what you think, and what clouds your heart....I'm also not a Christian, and I've seen bread buttered on both sides of a piece of bread....
IM.. I have a hard time believing that you are not making any money at your chosen profession. American Army Officers tend to use "Lady's For Hire", as do Journalists. If you are not making money, it is because youare not selling in the proper area.
neurotic iraqi wife, maybe you are a whore too. what would your husband say if he knew somehow that you frequent such sites?
3aib 3alech, itha inti sudug 3iraqia.

in my opinion, this site was created to discredit riverbend.
Anon Iraqi, I don't think its appropriate for you to attack neurotic iraqi wife and I don't think it is inappropriate for her to visit the site, but I was disappointed to see her welcoming this trash.

I read neurotic iraqi wife enough to know that she is really an Iraqi.
Anon Iraqi, isti7ee 3ala nafsak oo hi il alfadh il wa9kha dhumha il nafsak,how dare you call me a whore!!!I just saw this message now,OMG. IT IS WITH MY FREE WILL THAT I VISIT ANY SITE I WANT TO!!!!FAHIM 3ALAYA LOO LA2???


I too can swear btw iraqi anon,but i wont degrade myself to your level...You really make me laugh.....
anon at 12:54am:

get a life, will you?
are you a fundementalist with a '7awlee rolled on your head? cuz you sure sound like one.

oh and iraqi at 3:22
"I was disappointed to see her welcoming this trash."

You did not create her (the Mistress) and henceforth you do NOT have power over her.
thank you all.
Salam, Dear Lady NIW, long time no see.
Dear Mistress,

I'll comment on this subject, but I fear you would be lacking the experience and therefore, would not understand, but I will try.

In your country, religion is the Law. It gave birth to fairness and decent conduct. Americans learned things like government and Law from the Middle East (you all have such an ancient and beautiful past). But we did find problems.

We did not like the concept of Holy War - this tendency to fight over God's word. So, America separated what it calls religion (worship practices) from Law. That way, no one has the right to harm others.

Now, please don't think I'm trying to say America is perfect. It is never perfect. We have murderers, rapists and theives, like any other country in the world. No one knows what causes this to happen... and until we know, we're stuck with the problem. But in America, if you kill someone - you go to jail. You can't say I killed a Judean because God told me to - it just won't work any more.

This past month, I study the origin of the name Azrael (one issue of a thousand that have caused tension between these two peoples). I have heard the Shiite explanation and the Sunni explanation. In all fairness, I have no choice but to side with the Shiites on this particular issue, but I also blame them for the dispute because they didn't explain to the Sunni Arabs their reasons for rejecting certain text - and they could have. No one should bring arguments against other people with no explanation. So I have taken on this one argument. Why? Because I can.

No one here can tell me what I should or shouldn't believe. What I can and cannot say. If people want to win arguments here, they can't cheat by using a sword. They have to make their case and it better be good enough to convince the people because that's the basis for our government - We The People.

Americans are not puppets like some Middle Easterners think. If we do not like a president, we fire that president. We did this to President Clinton and all he did was cheat on his wife.

Why did the Americans back President Bush? Not because we're oil-hungry (though there are companies that are like that). The people backed him because we didn't like the way he treated Iraqis. The people (who admittedly understand very little) couldn't deal with a person who does not like other people to speak. Now Iraqis speak - even against us - but that's fine. They all have concerns and they have the right to voice those concerns... even if the concern is about us. We know politics can be a very dirty game, but when it gets to the point where no one can speak without fear of being killed for it, that person will upset the people of America - and that's how Bush got the backing of the people.

In this country I can say what I feel and I will either be proven wrong or right - but in the end, none of it is about what's wrong or right. What really matters is how many people care.

So I bring the challenge of the origin of the name Azrael (as the angel of death) as an example. Maybe the Shiites will win. Maybe the Sunnis will win. Or maybe both sides will say they don't care because the issue is so old, it doesn't even matter now... but the people will hear the issue and THEY will decide how far I go with this. Had I been born to the Middle East, I may not have been allowed to debate this.

Apologies to all who suffer in the war, but know this... we suffer WITH you. This war has cost us all we own. I have no retirement now (even though I paid all my life to it). I have no medical insurance - caught in-between those who are destitute (therefore insurable) and those who have incomes (but work for companies who don't offer health insurance). Government cut-backs have forced many of us to work several jobs... and now we're told we will have to work even more because winter heating will double in price. The rich don't care... but they never did (in anyone's country).

But you know what? If I knew all this would happen and I could choose to change the course of history - I wouldn't. I'll take the stick on this one. That's how much I dispised Hussein's words on his birthday, ordering people to: "Cheer louder, smile better" - I wanted to bite him when I heard that - and that's what got the American people to back a bastard like Bush.

Do with this information what you will... because you can and it's your life too.

Love and Hugs,


I am in Baghdad today and for two more days. I work for a small
production company, and I am producing a couple of documentaries and
news stories. I would really like to interview you while I am here.
Could you please call me on my U.S. number? It is 917-939-7573.
Alternatively, you can email Amie. She is back in the U.S. but can
put us in touch. Her address is

Thank you, and please remove this post once you see it.

Best regards,
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