Baghdad's Mistress
Update on current life:
Sorry I have been busy with my future. I really can't go on in life without a career. I have decided to set up my own business. Will let you know when I tell you all about my life.

Back to the past
So after I met Mr. A the owner of the restaurant, the next week I started to make my way towards Sadoun street. It was a cloudy day and I had lectures all day long. I made my way through Tahreer Square and turned left to buy my favourite magazine ( Alf Baa) at my favourite newspaper man.
I then made my way towards Sadoun street and arrived at the restaurant. Work was not that hard. I found it really fun.
This went on for two weeks until the son of Mr. A arrived. One Friday, Mr. A called me to give me my weekly wage.
Mr A.- My daughter (that is what he was calling me) my wife is ill and I can not come to work anymore. But my son will be here. Don't worry he will treat you like your sister.
- OK uncle. God bless your wife. If you want I can come to help her.
Mr. A- No darling only me can understand her. If you tell her sky is blue, she will say it is green, if you say it is green, she will say it is yellow and laughed nervously.

For the next week, I arrived at work at normal time after university. My living conditions improved and I could eat during my break times at university. So I was not hungry when I arrived at work.
K, the son of Mr. A, was not as decent as his dad. I went to change my clothes at the back, and closed the door. Someone immediately knocked on the door.
- Hang on a minute. I am coming out.
I went out and saw him waiting there. I said "What is wrong ?"
K- Nothing" Amourti" (My princess).
- Sorry don't talk to me like that. I am only here for work.
K- Work ?! Who lets someone like you to work ?
-Sorry I have to go customers are waiting.

As I tried to make my way pass him, he grabbed my breasts and squeezed them.

I turned around and hit him very hard and slapped him twice and shouted (Adabsis) (Iraqi slang for immoral).
I felt so angry I just went back to the room and slammed the door. I dressed and left work and never went back to that place again.

Life went from bad to worse, and from worse to worst. I called J one day and said I want to talk to you.
I met J in Abu Nawas street which looks over Tigris. The best street in all Iraq.
She took me to one of the fish-grilling restaurants and ordered the most expensive meal.
- J I can't afford that you know.
J - Who said I let you pay ?!
- Darling I will quit university. Life is too hard. Can you imagine that I am wearing the same clothes for over a month ?!
J- Honey will you let me talk ? Please don't be angry and don't react. I will tell you a plan you just decide whether you like it or not. How is that ?!
- OK go ahead.

To be continued.
Ok, yeah, I can see how this might be a spoof site.

But then again, maybe it isn't.

If this is for real, then I wish you well, Ms. Mistress.

And I think men who beat up women are the biggest cowards on the face of God's Earth.
But I'm curious; what is the difference between you and "J", your friend? Why would you get so angry?

A mistress is the lover of a married man, but just ONE man. He sets you up in an apartment and givers you money to live on. The way you describe your previous, uh, job, sounds more like call girl. Which is like your friend "J", only classier. Er, uh, yeah. Classier.

It's that sort of inconsistency that probably makes people think that this is meant as a joke. I'll just read you for a while before I decide for myself.
It's gonna take a while before anything worthwhile is said anyway. Movie scripts aren't written in a day.
do you have any uncles or cousins??
how old you were when you get marred?
you said you marred and divorced and still a teen!!
if you need any help with your future life I can offer some advice.
maybe it sounds a little bit irrelevant but i cant sotp myself from asking you about the mosque picture you put in the top of the site i dont think you are planning of talking about religious things,dont get me wrong i dont mind it but i couldnt stop myself from asking.
Well we got to read about some breast-squeezing at least. . .
When i was 19, i took a drab job in a factory to please my mother, but the day the boss made a pass at me in the storeroom, i quit on the spot and refused to go back. anytime such a scene has arisen anywhere with a man and me, I go cold instantly and i never interact with that person ever again. If he comes at me violently, i fight and hurt him badly. if i can, i leave him injured and afraid of me. i never submit if it revolts me and it's something i don't want. I've left a few guys sorry they ever tried zeroing in on me. after being met with such a blast, mostly they whine and complain like cranky children and want to know 'why i did that to them"!!!!
the first one, i flug across a room. the second one, i nearly flipped his eye out of his socket. the third one, i bit his fat flashy arm and left him bleeding and black and blue.
but the two that 'got over on me' left me haunted and acting freaky for 6 months afterward. one smooth talked his way into my bed and i yeilded, but felt contaminated and cuckholded for months after. the other seized me from my back, in an alley, and when i didn't yeild, he hurled me to the ground on ice, where my head bounced like a bowling ball and i suffered some brain damage, as well as feeling paranoia for 6 months subsequent. my own son at 19 tried jokingly to pinch my breasts once, and i struck him sharply and informed him 'don't touch what isn't yours". he was crestfallen but he later apologized for thinking I'd take it as a joke.
how did you paid for your blogger account?
so it is with no ADs
who realy are you??
can we just enjoy the writing, of which she has a great knack...if you dont like the blog..dont read it..jeez....

why nitpick every little item?

BM...where oh where did you run off too?

I keep checking, but you're not posting!

Where'd you go?
really enjoy your blog - keep posting, sister. i might mention you on an upcoming post on my blog, if that's ok with you...
If she is in Iraq, and following the apparent occupation, being there the next day is a wee bit more problematical than living in the suburbs of Phoenix AZ.
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