Baghdad's Mistress
OK everyone. I am back to the old computer again. I am shocked of the number of readers this blog had yesterday. I never thought that anyone would read. Well if you are willing to read, let me start with my story…..
I was a young girl, as pretty as rose, I got married to a someone, let's call him X2. X2 did not turn up the man he showed he was. Bad habits, big gap in age, just didn't work out.

We called the lawyers, and signed the divorce papers. At the same time my parents died. So what could a girl like me would do ?!
A university student, still a teen, errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, I looked for a job.

I first started by calling family and friends. "Can you find me a job please ?"

Most of the replies were "Why a rose like you would work ?! How can you let that beauty be ruined ?!
Or "Oh a doll like you should be just looked at "
OK. Now stop it. I just want a job. I turned to my friend J. J was a close friend in school but she was very secretive. She told me that she was working in her dad's office as a secretary. So I said she might be able to find me a job like hers.
I called her J and said I want to meet. We met in one of the places overlooking the gorgeous Tigris, my favourite river of the world.
So J, how is work ?!
J: Yeah pretty well..I am sorry things did not work out for you.
Yeah thanks. Well I am looking for a job..Maybe your dad could hire me, I can type very well.
J: I don't work with my dad. Are you stupid ?!
Well you said you were...?!
J: Are you stupid or trying to be one ?!
Well I am not..but...
J: Honey you don't wanna know where I work..
Yeah seriously please tell me..I am dying for a job...Life is hard you know
J: OK. I am dad's secretary..
J: No buts, now you trying to be stupid again.
Wait a minute are you playing at me ? Please tell me.
J: honey I work as escort...
What ? Your immoral bitch.
J: Yeah I do f*** men for money. They think they fuck me , but I fuck them.
You bitch nasty f***ing whore...Leave me alone I would never talk to you.

So I left. Boiling in anger and disappointment. A good friend is working in business....Not a usual business.
Went back home....Just sat on the couch and thought and thought and thought and thought. I was totally lost in thinking.....Memories...sometimes I was smiling...a minute I was crying...Memories just went by and by...Suddenly...a phone call broke the silence....

Hey it is me J.
What you want from me ?! I will hang up on you bitch.
J- Wait a minute..It might not be that bad as you think. Can I come and talk to you ?
J- I know that you are angry at me..Honey please let me come and explain.
J- I am in the neighbourhood, please ?!
....OK Ring the bell 6 times like we used to do in school. I wouldn't open door for strangers.

Tomorrow for the rest.
This can't be real....
This is the most lame story I've ever heard, bitch. Come on give me a break. At least if you are going to lie, invest more time to create a more convicing story!
Mistress I think it is better if you disable the comments section. You have many haters for a start so that might put you off writing.

I am looking forward to read more and more.
no woman in iraq (even a whore) would write such crap. wine and music before the war, yeah sure.. for the guys maybe. i'm familiar with iraqi g7ab since i was 17.. sorry not one of them could write their name in english.. and the college types (yes there was such a thing) did it for fun not for money because they couldn't even afford to finish high school.
you better let people know the truth bitch or i swear i'll track you down myself and let the tawhed and jihad group show you the inside of your head. no one makes fun of iraqi women this way and gets away with it.
hmmmmm.....I wouldn't necessarily turn off the comments, but you have the power to delete whatever comments you like. Take the negative comments and feed off them them. Take the positive comments and learn from them. Don't let anyone turn you off of writing. Just don't take it personal. There are people who don't agree with me, but not everyone is going to agree with everything.

With that said, you can come up with a better story though. Many people are already turned off by what we thought was a good story, but is turning out to be a B-rated movie without a producer or good writer.
I'm sorry, I didn't meant to write the last post as anonymous. I have nothing to hide and forgot to sign in.
iraqi whore .. yippeeeeeee .. just what we needed. i'm on duty here. could be close to your whereabouts. what you say we hook up sometime? give it a though. i'm one hot american stud
Riverbend finally revels her real profession.
You gave yourself away, and too quick. In Iraq, when a husband divorces his wife they don't go to lawyers. It has NEVER been and NEVER will be that way, period. No honey, this isn't the USA or Europe.

Sorry, wannabe whore, but this is so obviously fake I am amazed people are falling for it. I will be watching this blog closely for more loopholes.

You can fool all people some times, and you can fool some people all the time, but you can never fool all the people all the time.
Very good point, Anon Iraqi blogger, they just don't go to lawyers in Iraq. They just don't.

And when you say we called the lawyers, sounds like each of you had one already! Iraqis don't have lawyers, unless they are in trouble, and even then they search for them.

Last but not least, why does your friend need to work if she is you age and had her father? In Iraq you don't work while you are studying, especialy if you are a women and have family, it is not like Europe nor like the USA.

Hi just found your blog there

For negative comments you can delete them, up to you whether to keep them, personally I think it is better to do so
Maybe you should turn off comments, or at least disallow anonymous trolls...

keep on writing
sounds fake ya habibti, but if you really are a sharmoota, go to syria, thats where all the iraqi whores are going nowadays. LOL i just read a few days ago that the syrian whores are getting mad about the iraqi whores taking their jobs and are spreading rumors about them having AIDS.
Oh, an Iraqi ga7ba with style, ha? Who the hell are you trying to fool here? What, you thought there were no Iraqi guys with experience reading these blogs?

Your gig is over habibti. If you want to keep it up for the wishful thinking Americans and Europeans then it's up to you. And to the people who are trying to put fingers in their ears saying "la la la la", you've all been had, so congrats.
In 2 days you went from being a former mistress who slept with married men for money to being appalled by your friend who does the same?

Regarding negative comments from Americans, perhaps if you had started stared bashing Americans in your very first post you would have gotten different responses.

I'm always intrested to read Iraqi bloggers, but you are just one bitter ungrateful prostitute not worthy of my time.

Perhaps you should look in the mirror next time you wish to place blame on someone for your being nothing more than a fuck-hole for men who care nothing about you.

Perhaps if you actually looked for a job yourself instead of asking others to find one for you maybe you could find work that doesn't require you to lay on your back and spread your legs.
LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. I swear this is too funny.cmon guys dont be harsh on this person.I aint really sure if its a HE or a SHE.Sorry IM, bes you just aint convincing enough.

I for one want to hear the rest. But I have one question,you said you were inspired by me,ummm, can I ask in what way exactly???

And as for the Iraqis,hessa khaloo/khalooha yi7chee/ti7chee oo ba3dain 3ood decide whether you wanna continue reading or not.As for me,Im kinda taking this as a practical joke....
This is the begining of how I started my job as a "Mistress" so don't get confused.
Neurotic I started reading your blog and become interested of how you tell the world about yourself and your hubby and that would help in decreasing depression.
I for one decided to do the same thing and I think it is working.
Mistress, it's your story. tell it however you have to. when you blow the lid off secrets, all kinds of stuff comes flying out of people's psyches. That's them. You just keep on telling your story. Never mind them.
Was your marriage arranged? I'm sorry to hear how it went. Sorry to hear what you had to go through. It must be difficult to live in Iraq. I watched the news, suicide bombing here and there & the bloody american military storming inot ppls houses late at night @ early in the morning. Who do they think they are?
nice blog
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