Baghdad's Mistress
My first post as an Iraqi Mistress
So hello to whoever reads my blog, I guess not a lot.

I have been following Iraqi blogs for over a year now. I read Baghdad Burning and Baghdad Turning and Baghdad Healing and a few more. I am totally so full up of nationalist blogs and pro-American blogs.
I was inspired by Neurotic Iraqi and decided to mark today as my first post.

Today is the day since I have been jobless for 2 years. Do you think I really care about Osama son of bitch ?! That is the Yankees problem not mine.

What ? What was my job ? I was a mistress. A proud mistress. Yes I used to sleep with married men to get money because my university degree could not get me Channel clothes.

What ? I can't hear you. You think that Iraqi women are hairy wrapped up monsters ? Are you an American ?! Yes ?! No wonder.
Stupid American morons think that Iraqi women are nasty hairy monsters. They don't know that Iraq has been the country for beautiful women and wine and music 8000 years ago.

But thanks to the Americans, me and thousands like me are jobless. Music has vanished from Baghdad's skies. It is replaced with the sounds of mortars, helicopters, and tanks.

Welcome to Baghdad. The city of music and life, until 2003.
Welcome to blogging. The title I just love, Im not sure many people will be happy abt it, but I guess its non of their business,its your choice, and you are free....

One question I wanna ask u, was the city really filled with music and life b4 2003??? You say Music was replaced with sound of mortars, helicopters etc... and how about the sound of those dead in the mass graves...Didnt you hear their screams??? Or was the music then too high to allow the agony of those buried alive under the soil be heard???

I dunno, everyone has their own perspective, you have yours and I have mine...But I do wanna hear more of your story....
welcome to the blogspher
Oh my Gawd; you might actually have to go out and work for your nice clothes. How dare those mean nasty Americans! So what your people were starving while Baathists bought you your wardrobe; not your problem.

It's nice to see that elitists, egotistical, self-centeredness is a global disease.

But don't worry; the political arena, even a democratic one always breeds enough low-life type to support women of 'moral flexibility' like yourself. Give it time.

BTW: welcome to the blogsphere. Your site should at least be entertaining.
Cool name.

I wonder if perhaps your services in this field are no longer required because you are older now than you were before the war? I mean, this is an area where youth is preferred over experience. You seem very bitter and there is nothing more bitter than a "mistress" who suddenly finds herself sans customer.

If you haven't hit the wall, don't worry. Your profession is called the world's oldest for a reason. The demand for your services will soon, ahem, arise.
You go you sassy cup of Narcissistic hang-over juice! Yeh baby! You are music to my ears....
erm...mistress or skank or whatever your name is..
Your probably have no job because your old and lacking in certain areas

Dont blame the americans, Blame your ugliness Ga7ba
Baghdad's Number One Blogging Slut. I want to Interview You.
I would have thought business might be booming with all the visiting dignitaries. Or perhaps you are a woman of principle.
Somehow, I doubt you'll consent to an In T View, so here are the questions I would ask you:

Are you for real or is this Raed Jarrar's Tranvestite alter ego?

What's the most interesting STD you picked up along the way?

Did you keep the nature of your work secret from your family?

Why didn't you go to Syria or Jordan like the rest of the Iraqi whores?

Did your clientele include any
members of Saddam's Inner Circle?

Did you sleep with any journalists?

What's the strangest thing that happened to you?

Why did you get involved in a life of prostitution? Lack of education? The money? You like sex?

Is this Riverbend, when she's hitting the booze heavily?

Do you have any sex tips for Iraqi Women to keep their men interested and faithful?

How much more than the average Iraqi women's salary did you make in your profession?

What tips do you have for men to keep their ladies pleased?
Be honoured! You've been welcomed by Mohammed Fadhil of ITM. Arguably one of the 2 or 3 greatest blogwriters in Iraq, maybe the greatest.

Wasn't Allawi interested? Or Yawar? How about Jafaari? Not even Moustafa?
So were you one of Uday's whores, Qusay's whores or Saddam's whores? Or were you Abd Himood's whore or just a whore for all of them, one day Watban, the other day Rokan and probably they all look the same to you!

I know Uday became impotent after he was attacked, so did you just strip for him while he cries?

Or maybe you were just a common whore from al maydan?

Am sorry Sab3awi didn't take you with him to Syria, he could've introduced you to Al Assad and his elite! You could've made good money there, but apparently you don't look good enough.

The boot of an American soldier worth more than your ugly masters Saddam and his dead sons; so don't disrespect the Americans.

And since you're ugly and no one is willing to fuck you, go fuck yourself.

But hey, welcome to the blogsphere. I am sure your blog will be interesting! Any chance for some nudity? At least to prove you're hairless!
please don't talk about Iraqi women when you are talking about are certainly NOT a representative of Iraqi women, but in fact you are the garbage of please don't generalize but only talk about whores like you...Iraqi women ARE beautiful and I am not talking about outside beauty but they have inner beauty, they have pure souls and they have honor, and I'm sure all such women would agree with me that we don't want you talking about us pretending to defend us...we can defend ourselves when we need to thank you very much...and don't talk about our American friends like that, because if people in the world were treated with the respect that Americans treat others with then the world would be such a wonderful place.
It seems to me that the sounds of helicopters and tanks you hear are responses to mortars being flung by your own people against your own people. Maybe you'd have a job if you didn't allow those stupid "insurgents" to kill off your clientele?
And, for the record, there ARE a lot of really beautiful Iraqi women. The problem is they get old and let themselves go. I love the Iraqi people even though I had to fight them. I enjoyed many hours of chai and chicken at homes in Baghdad and Fallujah. I still have a huge place in my heart for Al Kindi neighborhood in Baghdad.
Please tell us more about yourself, if we are to believe you. And are you Riverbend writing under a psuedonym.
The older I get, the less judgemental I become.

Everyone has a story, and I should like to hear yours.

Ignore those who disparage the fact that you are a woman or have chosen a profesion of which they disapprove.

As for the commentators, 'Let those amongst you who are without sin cast the first stone....'
Doesn't anyone else find it fishy that Mohamed from IraqtheModel welcomed such a controversial blogger to the blogosphere?

I don't recall him welcoming any other Iraqi blogger in the past (when there are about 125 iraqi blogs now).

This place stinks of something and we're definitely going to find out what.
Honey, there are no Channel shops in Baghdad. So even if you have the money, you wouldn't be able to buy Channel clothes.

hehehehe, proud mistress, I can almost hear sitcom laughs.

This isn't the best way to defend Iraqi women from Americans whom you think regard them as hairy.

You're not fit to lick the shoes of a real iraqi woman, and you know that, whoever you are.
To those who are comdemning this blogger's profession - in hard times and in poor countries sometimes it is the only way for a woman to feed herself.
I've got some astonishing news for you: if you want to make your living at your profession, emigrate to germany. the sex trade is not only legal, but regarded as valid employment for the uemployed. if a woman is offered a job in the sex trade and refuses it, she loses her unemployment benefits for rejecting a payng job.
OR--you can rethink your life and return to your university education, and make a new, respectable life in the new iraq, now that wages are coming up. but of course, the pay is always better on the dark side of life. the drug lords of afghanistan know that, the drug lords of los angeles know that, the underworld everywhere knows that. it's a choice we all have to contemplate at some time in our lives. you have a way out now. I'd advise you to take it. i doubt that when you were a little girl, you dreamed of growing up to be a whore to the rich and powerful.
What were you planning on learning and doing in your life with your education, or, like most of us at that age, were you simply exploring life's buffet ?
Where are you on that topic now ?


You know what is truly pathetic? This same lame-ass group of American bloggers, who have no life, and sit in their secure trailer-parks posting ignorant remarks on dissenting Iraqi blogs. From Raed to Riverbend, to now this blog, this same group of trolling armchair chickenhawks are constantly hurling ignorant insults. I wish these cowards would show their face. These same Americans would sell their own mother if they had to go through even one week of their own city being bombed by a foreign army. It really is ridiculous that these fat, spoiled Americans think they have the moral highground. Iraq is where human civilization began dickheads! I think that Iraqi's are a bit wiser than your typical American when it comes to war. After all, they've been living with it constantly over the past thirty years! The typical American blogger couldn't handle war for one day! The typical American is so spoiled, he/she couldn't survive in Iraq even during peace! All you would hear is complaining and whining. The same way you hear backwoods American soldiers whining on their blogs on how hot it is or how the food sucks. It's the same ol' thing, day in and day out.

Here on this comments section, we have a prime example of typical American ignorance and arrogance. Everyone rushing to judgement. Scroll through these comments and see how everyone assumes you're "old and ugly", or a "whore". Isn't it amazing how American holy rolling rightwing hypocrites go into a frenzy at the mere mention of "mistress"? They assume to know your whole life story from one paragraph...Unfuckingbelievable...

Over 2 years and 20,000 bombs later, these chumps still cannot deal with the truth. The truth is the US invented Islamic terrorism by funding and training mujahadeen in Afghanistan during the Bush and Reagan years. The US also put Saddam in power and provided him with huge amounts of chemical and biological weapons. Not only that, the provided him with the maps and plans to bomb Iran and kill thousands. This is all connected to the Bush family going back to Bush Sr.'s vice presidency of 1980-88. The same people are in power now under Bush Jr. Between both father and son, the Bush's are responsible for millions of deaths. From Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Columbia, Haiti, Venezuela, and Guatemala, to Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Lebanon.

So if you want to be truly honest w/ yourselves, the Bush family is by far much worse than the Nazi's. As a matter of fact, if it wasn't for the grandfather, Prescott Bush, Hitler would have surely been defeated in the late 1930's, saving a million Jewish lives. Prescott Bush bankrolled Hitler the same way his son bankrolled Saddam.

So now you have the idiot son Bush, doing the deeds of his father, the Israeli's, the Saudi's, and his corporate oil company friends. This is fact.

As for your blog. I welcome you. I am a n Irish American and I am truly ashamed of most rightwing Americans. My tip to you? If an American is a Republican he is morally and intellectually bankrupt. Don't waste your time with them. Most of them are fascists and/or Zionists.
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