Baghdad's Mistress
I am appalled at the comments by the Iraqi males on this blog. I feel sorry for Iraq not for my blog. Becaus the idea of blog was to get the dark clouds out of my heart not to be a publicity stunt.
If we ever had enough real men in Iraq, we would not be under American boots today. Sorry Iraqi men, but from my experience with you, we either have men like Chalabi, or Saddam, all qa7ubchi as you name yourselves. And you choose where in between you are.
Now only registered users can comment, and if you force me to do so, I will disallow the comments section.
Back to where I was yesterday. (J arriving at my place).

We just sat there trying to avoid any eye contacts for around 10 minutes. I was actually very angry at her. She once told me that she has slept with another man, but later she said she was joking. The silence went on for another couple of minutes.
She has not been to my house since my parents went away. Let's just say, not in a natural way.
The last time she came, the house was full of souls, all moaning and wearing dark. These were my thoughts as I was looking at the windows.
She broke the silence "I apologize if I shocked you".
-silence ....
J- But I thought S told you. (S was another friend). She said she will tell everyone.
- Honey the problem is not with S or anyone. How could you do that ?! What about your parents ?!
J- I don't live with them anymore. Don't tell me that is another surprise ?
-Please let's stop this. What do you want ?
J- I came to help you. I think I have found you a job.
- What ? (At this stage I was very angry, I just waited for her to say what kind of job. I decided in my mind that if she said anything related to her job I'd smash her head).
J- Look I know someone who has a restaurant. He will give you a job. Waitress. How is that ?
- I smiled but tried not to show it. Which restaurant ?!
J- Restaurant XY one in Sadoun. You can go in the evenings and the boss is a very nice guy. He is a proper Muslim.
-Cool. How can I start ?!
J- You just go in tomorrow and introduce yourself and say J has sent me.
Thank you honey let me get you a chaii - tea -.

The rest of my story for another day.
Hi Mistress,
Please don't be discouraged by the offensive comments you get from some commentators.
Although I might not agree with you on some points but I welcome your voice.
Your style is impressive and I've been following your story on daily basis.

BTW, to clarify the confusion, Mohammed writes his articles, then I do the publishing.
Hi There,
I totally agree with Omar just don’t be disturbed by those noisy comments, you are a part of our community and you will always be, and can I ask you a question from where you got your English its very good for a common Iraqi woman.I wish you a good luck.
Dear Mistress,
I'm not sure this is for real, as I seem to vacillate from Post to Post as regards its veracity, but it is very interesting, so keep Blogging away Honey, and I'll keep reading, as will many others.

And bring on the Hot Sexy Stuff! LOL.
Mistress (May I call you mistress? )

I am a Republican who also diverges from the beaten path and have been accused of inconstancy too. Reading diaries like yours makes me question my life and where I have been, the subtle (or not) shades of grey. I find it reaffirming to see there are others who do not "quite fit".

Looking forward to hearing more.
I'm beginning to think there really isn't much left as this is all we're hearing about each day. But, glad you will keep going regardless of what I or anyone else says. I have people that don't agree with what I put on my blog too but it won't stop me.
Baghdad Mistress,

I like you already and this is the first time I read here. Don't let them put you down, write what you want.
You should post a list of old customers, you know the "respectable" ones. Then again that would give you away, so don't.
Good luck, I'll be checking in now and again.
Man if you don't pick up the pace here, you won't have to worry about comments.
Please don't stop because of the comments. For every person who casts judgement there will be a hundred that want to hear what you have to say.
Personally, I am looking forward to seeing the world through your eyes. Thank you in advance for sharing your life experiences and expanding our understanding of the world.
Keep on writing. I think the trolls are chased away by now anyway. The best blogs tell personal stories of human life. NIW does this well as does Rose the diarist, if you know who she is. Just double-check what you tell so you can't be identified...
Still skeptical of the authenticity of this blog, but I can be convinced. The Mistress could remove some of the doubt here by describing- before and after the invasion- some clearly public place in Bagdhad that has changed in significant and specific ways. Enough details can be vetted by fellow Iraqis to at least validate your residency in the city.
Uh oh, we've driven her off. Maybe she's hiring a professional Hollywood writer to write the story for her.
From one american working girl to another welcome. I think we have alot in common and i'm very intrested in hearing what ever you want to write. Details about customers with out naming names, would be very intresting hear. lol
Another problem with your latest post, in addition to the lawyers thing which indicate that you have weak knowledge of Iraqi society.

There are NO waitresses in Iraqi restaurants, unless you are talking 1970s here which I doubt, because that will mean you are at least 50 years old.

And you say your friend lives alone. Tsk tsk. Doesn't she have any male relatives? Do you think in a country like Iraq, they would allow a young single woman to live alone (while her parents are alive) and be a ga7ba at the same time?

Don't think we are going to leave you to spread your bullshit over here. We will keep looking for loopholes in your story and will post them here. Turning off the comments won't work either.
iraqi blogger
where in Iraq are you from ? i have fucked many qa7bas in baghdad especially around betaween...i dunno if this bitch is one of them...bitch suck my dick do u have a telephone number i love to fuck the shit out of you
Omar thank you darling I will continue and ignore them.

Iraqi blogger :
Do you live in Thawra by any chance ?
Hi aliraqi, I'm from Zayoona and we had the best pickup gi7ab in Shari3 alrubai3ee. Very sophisticated whores used to hang around there. I'm not familiar with the Betaween whores. I hear they all have syphillis. LOL.

If you want some high class gi7ab go to Karrada Dakhil, the street in front of almuntad stores, there's a guy called Saddam, just ask around for him. Who knows? maybe you'll even get to fuck B?aghdad Mistress. LOL
By the way, I see that the Iraq the model brothers are drooling. Maybe they are lonely and want an apointment with mistress? hehe. Funny that they would encourage such a blog. They rarely ever done that in the past with other Iraqi blogs.
ok Iraqi mistress, it's been a while since I fucked a hot Iraqi kus. Let's hook up, I can compensate you for the last two years unemployment. shitgooleen? akeed hesa kusich 7ar nar. khosh la7is al7as ani.
Iraqi bloggers, you above yeah:

my children:
do no "troll" this blog, please?

thank you.
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